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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ipoh mountain view

A dedication to all ipoh scenery lover. :)

Ipoh located in Kinta Valley sits within the embrace of beautiful limestone hill and mountain ranges. Primarily the Titiwangsa Mountain Range on the Eastside and Kledang Mountain Range on the Westside.
And therefore Ipoh possess one of the beautiful mountain views around the city.


Eastside Ipoh:

On the east side, is the Titiwangsa Mountain Ranges with Tambun at the foothills and Ipoh Garden East in the foreground


Westside Ipoh:

On the West side view is the Kledang mountain range and the Ipoh newtown and oldtown in the foreground.


Northside Ipoh:

North side view shows the Bandar Baru Medan in the foreground. The prime ground of food and night entertainment district.


Northeastside Ipoh:

Northeast side is the northern end of the Titiwangsa Mountain Range with Bercham suburb in the foreground

Short note : The earlier mis-identification of the Titiwangsa Mountain Range as Bintang Mountain Range has been duly corrected. The confusion is much regretted.



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