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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A relaxing home-feel western meal ala De Cuisine

With the recent boom in the F&B industy in Ipoh and indulging in the multitude of overambitious menus and dishes that one can imagine, it was a relaxing affair to re-visit an old school western meal outlet that sticks to the basics and unaffected by the thunderstorms brewing in the Ipoh F&B sector these days.

This old school western meal outlet is none other than De Cuisine Restaurant located on Jalan Leong Sin Nam (aka the Dim Sum street) in Ipoh.


This outlet has been here for some time and my family usually visit it when we want to enjoy a simple western meal in a nice relaxing & clean environment. Furthermore the pricing is pretty reasonable for a lunch or dinner set.


Don't expect fanciful western dishes as De Cuisine only serve very basic no-nonsense type of western meals and also a small selection of oriental dishes. However the ambience is nice, simple and relaxing and accompanied by some oldies as background music. If you are looking for a quick and stressful lunch, then look away as this outlet is only for those who are looking for a break from the stress of work and life. (Okay, I know this may sound like you need to wait a bit for your food but heck do you want them to dunk all the appetiser, main course, dessert & drinks on you table faster than you can chew?...  :) ....  )



The set menu is nicely priced offering a soup + main course + dessert + drink at only RM12.90

The components of the set menu are shown here. Pretty much what you see is what you get :)

Mushroom soup served with hot potato bread


A choice of either Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce.


or Pork Chop with Mushroom Sauce


and the Piece de Resistance of the day: the dessert - Chocolate Cake ala Mode


A cuppa of hot coffee to wash down the meal.


For those who is thinking of trying out De Cuisine, they are open for Lunch during normal weekdays and are open for Lunch & Dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am not sure if i remember it correctly or not, but I believe they are closed on Monday.

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