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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Part Deux (2) : Mid Autumn Festival 中秋節 - 22 Sept 2010

Have you bought yourself or kids a lantern after reading the first posting about Mid Autumn Festival 中秋節 in preparation for the upcoming festival?

This part is dedicated to the other "must have" of the festival, which is the MOONCAKES. Yes, in Ipoh it is inevitable that everything must somehow lead to food. Mooncakes nowadays are pretty much commercialised and can be found in every big and small supermarket. Here are some of the commonly available commercialised mooncakes.

And here is a picture perfect classical favourite which is the lotus paste + yolk mooncake.

Now if the above mooncake have not made you craving for some, then check out the following traditional mooncakes which can still be found in some local confectionery stores in Ipoh. Ipoh boast not one but two hidden gems of traditional mooncakes. One being Ching Han Guan and the other Guan Heong Biscuit Shop both located opposite each other on Hugh Low Street.

At Ching Han Guan, they have the "Lar Pia" which is a teochew styled mooncake. 

Another is the teochew style walnut mooncake topped with loads of sunflower seeds which would definately appeal to the health buffs.

 Ching Han Guan (CHG) also has another special mooncake with dried pork (肉干) (perhaps the one and only in Malaysia)  which despite its rather mediocre appearance turned out quite well tastewise. Which explain the lack of photo on it since it was finished even before I manage to capture a pic of it. :D  ...

Btw CHG was recently featured in the Star Newspaper here.

On the other side of the road at Guan Heong, they also offer a good version of the teochew styled mooncake which was not as crumbly as Ching Han Guan's version.

There is also a hokkien styled mooncake topped with lots of sesame seeds.

The mid-autumn festival is only 5 days away, so if you have not stocked up the mooncakes, it's time to do so before the stores run out of stocks.

Come 22 Sept, family and friends will sit under the moon admiring the beauty of the full moon. Pieces of mooncakes are enjoyed with sips of tea while the childrens play with candles and lanterns. This is one of the many traditions that shapes the cultural identity of Ipoh folks.

Share with us your own version of this traditions that help shape your childhood memories. Or if you know of any hidden gems of traditional mooncakes, tell us about it.


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