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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival 中秋節 - 22 Sept 2010

Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner. A time when the full moon is celebrated with the lighting of lanterns..binging on mooncakes...flushed down with a cup of tea. With the festival coming up in less than a week's time, its time to get yourself prepared for the festivals.

These chinese-style glass paper lanterns are the classic lanterns of yesteryears which form the sweet childhood memories of most people. The Cockman Street's joss-stick shops in Ipoh is THE place to get your favourite animals or cartoon character lanterns. The 8th lunar month would see these shops transformed into lantern wonderland where all kids would love to walk thru with their parents.

The goldfish, dragon, rabbit , butterfly lanterns are amongst the memorable ones. 

Other modern favourites are also available such as mickey, garfield, powerpuff girls, pikachu, tweety bird, shinchan, hello kitty, ninja turtle and many more.

These lantern curtains is now a common sight as you drive down cockman street.

Stay tune for the further Mid-Autumn Festival posts... :)

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