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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sights & Scenes of CNY 2011 in Ipoh (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1

Sharing more sights and scenes captured during the CNY 2011 in Ipoh.

Dried foodstuffs commonly used for CNY food (From top left clockwise: Dried mushrooms, oysters, shrimps, waxed ducks)


Lantern covered roof of Kinta riverside Kuan Yin Temple. A common temple for CNY prayers.

Lanterns @ Temple

Ipoh Parade being one of the main shopping centre was nicely decorated for this CNY to woo customers for seeking a break from the hot weather during CNY. Here is a glimpse of the CNY decor

CNY stage backdrop decor @ Ipoh Parade

CNY balloon decor

Balloon CNY dragon @ Ipoh Parade atrium
Whole balloon dragon

CNY balloon dragon side view @ Ipoh Parade

Balloon dragon

CNY decor @ Ipoh Parade

CNY decor

Balloon Bunny @ Ipoh Parade

Balloon Rabbit

Balloon lanterns @ Ipoh Parade

Balloon lanterns

Glass door CNY decor @ Ipoh Parade

Rabbit decor

Decor Lantern @ De Garden Mall

CNY decor

A CNY dish called Lou Sang / Yee Sang (鱼生) is only available during the 15 day period of CNY. This dish is symbolic of abundance. Last time this dish was specially made for the 7th day of lunar new year.

Lou Sang

A common Chinese New Year past time game is the 3-leg Mahjong. A game that stimulates the mind and finger reflexes. =D   Some people will practically have a marathon of mahjong session breaking only to binge on the CNY food and drinks. Hehehe!!!

3 Leg-Mahjong

A bamboo plant flower that commonly blooms during the hot weather of the CNY.
Bamboo flower

On the beginning of the Ninth Day of the lunar new year, families would usually offer prayers to the Heavenly Jade Emperor. Some would even offer roast pork & chicken and invite as many friends and relatives for praying and binging on the food after prayers. Alternatively, a vegetarian style offering is also offered to the Heavenly Jade Emperor.

Below is a picture of a simple vegetarian offering. Common offerings are sugarcane, mandarin oranges, pineapples, lime, glutinous rice cake, angkoo, ang ee, ang kan, fatt gou, mikoo, watermelon, white glutinous rice dessert and miscellaneous fruits.  In Ipoh, a must have offering would be the tambun pomelo.

Altar table for Heavenly Jade Emperor

Gold papers ingots before being burnt as offerings.

Prayer offering for Heavenly Jade Emperor

And that concludes the series of sights & scenes of a typical CNY celebration in Ipoh.
Even though, the CNY celebration has concluded, but the good memories of the CNY celebrating with family and friends will be etched deeply in each and everyone.

Wishing everyone a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year  ahead.!!!!!




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