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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sights & Scene of CNY 2011 in Ipoh (Part 1)

As quickly as Chinese New Year came in a blink, the days of joy and prosperity are now etched deep in our heart. The sights and scenes of CNY are now captured here for sharing with all.  =D

CNY mascot @ Jusco

Caught this CNY mascot at Jusco Kinta City supermarket promoting some product while priming up the CNY mood.

Rabbit for CNY2011 @ Jusco

The Chinese New Year decor @ Kinta City was somehow toned down this year but the management still managed to come up with this massive new year bunny on the stage.

Approaching the Chinese New Year, Ipoh folks would throng the markets located around Ipoh to stock up on fruits, vege, flowers, foodstuff  in preparation for the CNY. To some, these scenes would be familiar to all of you who visited the Ipoh's Central Market.

Fresh oranges & apples

Fresh fruits

Fatt Gou - for prayers

Colorful "Fatt Gou" (cakes normally used for prayers). Hmm!!! anyone actually eat these?

Pomelos, bananas, pineapples, guavas

Bananas, Pomelos, Pineapples, Limes, Guavas waiting to be picked up for the CNY.

Fresh pack veggies

Packed vegetables ideal for steamboat reunion dinner.

Veggie stall @ Central market

More vegetables at the wet market

Nian Gao for CNY (Kuih Bakul)

Glutinous Rice Cakes (Nian Gao / Kuih Bakul) a delicacy made specially during the CNY period.

Nian Gao (Kuih Bakul) for CNY

Closed up view of the Nian Gao

Fruit stalls @ Central Market

More fruit stalls lining the alley at the Central Market

Dried foodstuff @ Central Market

Sights of the dried foodstuff stalls

CNY dried foodstuffs

CNY dried goods (waxed meats, dried oysters, mushrooms, dried squids, etc) which are some of the normal condiments for CNY meals.

Fresh flowers for CNY

Nice bouquet of flowers at the flower stalls waiting to be picked to decorate the Chinese homes. Don't you just like the colors? Pretty?

CNY bamboo deco

Jade green bamboo stalks for decor.

CNY bamboo deco

Prosperity bamboos for decor

CNY plants deco

Living flower plants for CNY decor

Lime plants

The Lime tree for good luck

Hydrangae deco for CNY

Pink hydrangea flower

Spring Chrysanthemum for CNY

Spring Chrysanthemum plants for decor

Imported deco plants

Now, this one imported plant that is rarely seen. Based on the label it's suppose to be a Japanese Plum Blossom (梅花).

Pussy willow catkins for CNY deco

And this is pussy willow's silver colored catkins.

Lunar new year is also the time to saviour delicacies.

Sea cucumber - CNY delicacy

Soaked sea cucumbers

Mini Abalone - CNY delicacy

Canned abalone.

These two delicacies are common sights gracing the table of many reunion dinners.

Stay tune for more sights and scenes of the CNY 2011 in Part 2 here

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