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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For those who are too busy to work out an itinerary, try out this sample itinerary.


7:30 - Breakfast :-
A) DimSum
      (Foh San/Ming Court/Yoke Fook Moon
       - GPS: N04 35.812 E101 05.187); or
B) Hawker Fare
      (Kong Heng@Oldtown
       -GPS: N04 35.776 E101 04.676); or
C) Xin Quan Fang Curry Noodles

9:00 - Morning activity :-
A) Kek Lok Tong and Sam Poh Tong; or
B) Perak Tong; or
C) Gua Tempurung; or
D) Lost World of Tambun (whole day activity)
E) Heritage Trail

13:00 - Lunch :-
A) Yong Tau Foo
      (Dai Shu Kiok@Pasir Pinji); or
B) Hawker Fare
      (Loke Wooi Kooi Kopitiam;
       Central/Wah Nam@Cowan Street); or
C) Indian Curry Rice
      (Yong Suan Nasi Ganja@Jln Yang Kalsom
        -GPS: N04 35.557 E101 05.060); or
D) DaiChau
      (Wong Koh Kee@Oldtown
        -GPS: N04 35.776 E101 04.676)

14:00 - Afternoon activity 
A) Dessert
      (Funny Mountain Taofufa
        -GPS: N04 35.683 E101 05.059); and
B) Shopping Centre
      (Ipoh Parade / Aeon@Kinta City / Aeon@Station 18); or
C) Sighseeing
      (Gunung Lang/DR Seenivasagam Park); or
D) Round Ipoh tour
      (Oldtown/Newtown); or
E) Ipoh White Coffee
      (Sin Yoon Long@Oldtown); and
F) Must Buy Shopping
  • Pomelo
  • Heong Peng Biscuits
  • AunKhengLim Salt Baked Chicken
           - GPS: N04 35.637 E101 05.001
  • Oldtown White Coffee
  • Sin Eng Heong Kaya Puff  
           -GPS: N04 35.700 E101 05.090)

18:00 - Dinner 
Ipoh's Beansprout Chicken
A) Lou Wong- GPS: N04 35.632 E101 05.049; or
B) Onn Kee- GPS: N04 35.632 E101 05.049; or
C) Cowan Street; or
D) Kam Hor (Next to Tung Koo Teng); or
Hawkers' Fare
E) Wooley Food/Tung Koo Teng
      -GPS: N04 36.663 E101 06.629

22:00 - Nightlife
Some internet resources for you to scour for more information to modify the above itinerary
- Attractions @ All About Ipoh
- Ultimate Food Guide @ Motormouth
- Accommodation
- Navigating around Ipoh

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